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A multi-stage pump, operating at normal speed that combines a side-channel first stage and a subsequent turbine stage in a single rotary element, providing exceptional lift and self-priming capability and can handle up to 45% gas entrainment and pump a wide range of fluids, acids and viscous products, this is the SMH PUMP!



By re-designing the essential geometric parameters, the transfer of energy from
impeller to the fluid has been radically improved and as a result, a discharge of 20 bar is now achieved with only one single impeller of 117mm diameter.
( i.e. for LS-85/170 )



The suction stage functions according to the „star wheel“principal and provides a high gas entrainment of up to 45%. The turbine stage functions according to the „peripheral wheel“principal and provides the possibility to mix gas with fluids and maintain the high discharge pressure.



The self-priming ability of this new pump design enables a low-loss adjustment to be made on the suction side by kerbing up to 25% of the volume flow. That is to say, any point of the operation within 75% of the marking is infinitely adjustable. The pump is capable of short-term operation with shut-down (closed) suction stage without creating cavitation problems.


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